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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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"The relationship between Ingress, a mobile game from Google, and cities reminds me a lot of the relationship between skateboarding and cities. If a police officer saw you playing Ingresshe’d might get suspicious and ask you a few questions about what you were doing. It’s not some violent first-person shooter or a game like Grand Theft Auto, where killing cops is required.”

Ingress turns the city into a playground

Sounds awesome

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1. Get on Ellen to share my book with the world.
2. During the show, make the “bombshell announcement” that I do not, in fact, have SMA, but rather faked everything as a publicity stunt.
3. Say something along the lines of “And now, to prove it, I WILL GET UP AND WALK.”
4. Flop out of my chair onto the stage, breaking all my bones in front of millions of viewers.

Sales will skyrocket. I’m sure of it.

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me huntin for the pussy



Not anymore now you’re an adult-sized gynephiliac skeleton creeping eternally in a white expanse hunting for some choice vaginas.

You made your bed now lie in it.

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Music for the Weekend: You On The Run by The Black Angels.

Finally back home after two weeks of work travel, been listening to this record nonstop during my travels. There’s something about traveling through America that calls for psychedelia. The ever-changing horizon, weirdos and shutouts peppering towns, paranoia-induced-love and love-induced-paranoia. People eating giant chicken fried steaks and washing it all down the gullet with a 48 oz. Diet Coke. Post fat-carb-sugar haze. Excess is a drug, and America is addicted.

I know between mass shootings, a misogynistic rape culture, racist basketball team owners who still get to make $1.9 billion in profit as a “punishment,” the government lending to Wall Street at 0.75% interest while student loans are being raised to 4.66%, and a gun law in Georgia that allows people to pack heat in churches, schools and just about anywhere except the state capitol building where the law was written, it can be all too easy to say that America is pretty fucked up right now. But I’m pretty sure ever since we landed on Plymouth Rock and spread disease and pestilence, people have been saying that America is going up shit’s creek.

But I was watching folks in the airport and I can’t help but think we’re actually there. We’re up shit’s creek. We’ve thrown in the towel, officially given up. Everything’s purchased on credit cards. Surcharges are being passed on to the customer and people just shrug because it’s a few dollars more to go in the credit card bill. People are eating themselves out of their own trousers, and just letting it all hang out because who the fuck cares anymore. Bad tattoos. Terrible English. A guy watching ‘Crank 2’ on his iPad because someone out there has to keep the ‘Crank’ franchise alive. Poorly made stuff being sold at a premium, people paying more for tuna salad that is gluten-free becuase, you know, fish is just packed with gluten. Five minutes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and I’m wondering what I’m actually “learning” on The Learning Channel. I’m gonna learn me somethin’ about polygamists, breeders and inbreeders. Yay. Go America.

The Learning Channel, once the pride and joy of NASA.

We’re turning into a nation of morons, and we seem to be cool with it, because we’ve decided the smart folks are out to get us and dammit if I wanna be stoopid then it’s my Constitutional right to be a fucknut. On the other side is an educational and economic elite that keeps threatening to move to Sweden and Canada if someone takes away their heirloom craft homebrew kombucha.

I don’t know. I’m not perfect and I have my moments of stupidity and selfishness, but I’d like to think I have some basic common sense. Maybe we’ve always been fucked up, and it’s part of our hard wiring to both complain and defend. Was there ever a “perfect time” in humanity? Probably not. But the tenets of our teachings about civilization is that every day we’re supposed to work towards progress, equality and the minimization of suffering whenever we can. Over thousands of years, through trial and error, we realized that hey - genocide is a bad thing, racism is detrimental, and looting money doesn’t do anyone any good. And yet it seems we’re doing just as much of it now as before, we’re just finding better ways to cover it up or justifying our selfish actions. We’ve managed to distract ourselves onto the precipice of oblivion.

We’re all fuckwit organisms, all of us, me included. Self-preservation is pretty hard-wired in all creatures, but the point of civilization was to look out for the person next to you first, before yourself. Somewhere along the lines we flipped that script.

Let’s do something this weekend. Go find a complete stranger and tell them you’re glad to be on this planet with them, and then ask them to tell that to another stranger. They might call you an asshole and to fuck off but that’s their insecurity speaking. Deep down they’ll appreciate it. And if you don’t want to do that then select some of the people who are following you on your Tumblr and write them a short letter, letting them know that in some strange, weird internety kind of way, you’re there for them. We’ve all been in those dark places, feeling lonely, misunderstood. We may not know exactly what is going on in other people’s lives but we can let them know that, despite not knowing what to say, we’re really thankful we have people around us who care enough to listen.

I know I judge harshly, and that is wrong. It’s easy to judge and complain, and harder to look into oneself to be the agent of change we need to be. It starts and ends with empathy, and not sympathy. Sympathy is detached, judgmental and pushes us apart. Empathy is what brings us together, puts us on level playing fields, and allows us to respect our individual positions. We can be better, bigger people, always. It is our greatest art project.

Have a great weekend.

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